Official Linux Foundation Training and certification

THE PSCG's linux foundation certification and training services

The PSCG is a proud Authorized Training Partner of the Linux Foundation, supporting the Linux Foundation's strategy of expanding access to Linux training so that we continue to build the supply of Linux professionals.

Being an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Linux Foundation means that our instructors regularly meet strict benchmarks for experience and quality for course delivery.

The PSCG hosts both open enrollment and corporate onsite classes, as well as online (virtual, remote) instructor led training. Our classes are taught in English, Spanish and Hebrew, and can be customized to the customer's request (extra charges apply). In addition, our customers are eligible for significant discounts for all of the Linux Foundation's Ceritification exams and online self-paced courses. For discount registration code, contact us today!

You can find the full list of our Linux Foundation courses and official certifications below, divided into two main categories:

  1. Linux Programming & Development Training
  2. DevOps, SRE, Enterprise IT & Linux System Administration Training

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How to choose your courses and get your discount codes

Below you will find the links to the Linux Foundation's instructor led and self-paced courses. To help you navigate through the courses please adhere the following guidelines:

  • LFD are mostly developer oriented courses. LFS are mostly DevOps/SRE/SysAdmin oriented courses.
  • LFC are compliance oriented coruses. Henceforth, we wherever you see "LFX" i means either LFD,LFS or LFC.
  • LFXyab (e.g. LFD460), where y >= 300 , are instructor led courses, delivered live and online, at classrooms, or on customer's site.
  • LFX2bc (e.g. LFD201) are online self paced courses, priced at 300$. The PSCG provides its customers with significant discounts, and a best price guarantee for those.
  • LFX1de (e.g. LFS132) are Free courses (also deonted by "Free"), which are recommended to take, as introduction for subjects. Whenever there

We strongly recommend to contact us directly at for all of your training and certification needs, as we will give you significant discounts also for the courses that are self-paced!

Instructor-led training

Instructor led training courses are tought either on your corporate site, in a public classroom, or in a virtual classroom, with an industry world class expert, to guide you through the learning process, answer your questions, and effectively provide some sort of consulting.

Linux Programming and Development Training:

DevOps, Enterprise IT & Linux System Administration Training:


DevOps and Site Reliability

Cloud and Containers

System Administration, Engineering and Architecture


5G Networking

User Space and Kernel Development

Open Source Compliance


Ethics, and Misc

Linux Foundation Certification

As an Authorized Training Partner, The PSCG provides training, guidance and preparation assistance in official certifications from the Linux Foundation and OpenStack.

The PSCG's customers are eligible for significant discounts (and best price guarantee) for:

  • Certification Exams vouchers
  • Onlilne Self-Pace courses + Certification Exam vouchers

Click an image below to read more about its relevant certification, and contact us directly at to book a certification or a training+certification bundle.

JSNAD: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer
JSNSD: OpenJS Node.js Services Developer

To book an official Linux Foundation certification with a best price guarantee - contact us today!

Our long term Cyber Security Researcher and Data Science Engineer certifications are available for select customers, and are not associated with the Linux Foundation. For more details, refer to