Cyber Security Training

Our Cyber Security related training and consulting services cover a diverse range of scenarios, protocols, hardware, software stacks, and operating systems.

We excel at transferring deep technical skills, as well as both offensive and defensive doctrines.

Our super skilled low-profile experts have been involved in anything from reverse engineering, injections and forensics, to building secure hardware and software, advising to red and blue teams, as well as training CERTs, and building long term government and defense sectors cyber security training programs.

We work with governments, Aerospace and Defense sector organizations, banks, insurance companies, SoC vendors, OEM's, ODM's, and an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies.

Our network consists of the most talented lone wolves, as well as well established penetration testing and InfoSec companies, and we are able to build and customize your organization training needs on anything on ground, seas, air, or the outer space. We have done it all.

When successfully completing a training, we will be happy to provide your organization with continuous support and consulting.

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Given the sensitivity of some of our customer's activities, we will naturally not reveal all of our listings. In the case of Cyber Security, we will in fact not reveal the vast majority of those. Sorry. If you need something, we will make sure you get it, as long as you are a legit organization and expect no 0-days.

Some of our courses follow (other courses are listed in the respective Linux Internals and Android Internals sections):

Beginner-Intermediate level (very partial list, mostly software oriented):

Intermediate-Advanced levels (very partial list, mostly exploitation and embedded oriented):

Please note that we have very basic to very advanced level courses of Reverse Engineering and Exploitation for all of the leading platforms. While there is a slight bias towards Linux and ARM in the subset of courses listed above, the very same courses are available for any combination of Architecture (X86_64, x86, MIPS, ARM/64, PowerPC) and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, QNX, VxWorks, Integrity, FreeRTOS, ThreadX. ARM Mbed), as well as bare metal implementations.

Also, note that everything is can be customized to the customer's need, in the topics and the number of days, and it is not uncommon that we give 1-2 day theoretical, awareness courses for decision makers.

If you know what you need - talk to us and we'll make sure you get it. If you don't - talk to us, and we'll make sure you'll know what you need - and then you'll get it.

We are the best Cyber Security training provider. Period. Know someone better? They are probably working with us anyway.

The PSCG hosts both open enrollment and corporate onsite classes, as well as online (virtual, remote) instructor led training. Our classes are taught in English, Spanish and Hebrew, and can be customized to the customer's request (extra charges apply).

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