Android Internals Training

Our Android related training and consulting cover the entire Android stack - from the hardware, through porting, writing HAL's and Device Drivers, Android Runtime Internals, Services, Framework, and Android Application Development.

We provide unmatched expertise in Android Security and OS Internals, and all of our courses are written and customized by our renowned Android Internals expert and training director, Mr. Ron Munitz.

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Given the sensitivity of some of our customer's activities, we will naturally not reveal all of our listings. Some of our top selling courses include:

Note: All courses can be customized to the customer's need, in the topics and the number of days, and it is not uncommon that we give 1-2 day theoretical, awareness courses for decision makers.

The PSCG hosts both open enrollment and corporate onsite classes, as well as remote, online instructor led training. Our classes are taught in English, Spanish and Hebrew, and can be customized to the customer's request (extra charges apply).

To book a training - contact us today!