We offer state of the art consulting, technical training and full turnkey projects in the following technical disciplines:

  • Embedded Development (MCU's, MPU's, FPGA's, BSP's, Operating Systems, Real Time Systems, Kernel Development, Device Drivers, System Programming, Network Programming, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenCV , SCADA, benchmarking, profiling, optimization, debugging and more)
  • Linux Virtualization and Hypervisor internals (KVM, XEN, VmWare, Namespaces, LXC, Docker)
  • Low Level Development (C, C++, assembly of ARM, aarch64, X86, X86_64, MIPS, PowerPC)
  • Operating System Internals and Research (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, VxWorks, Integrity, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, ARM mbed, Android Things, Zephyr and more)
  • Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS, React Native)
  • Web Application Development (Python, Django, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Java, Scala, GoLang, React.JS, Angular.JS)
  • Application Development (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • Cyber Security One-Stop-Shop (Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Exploitation, Forensics, Enterprise Mobility, SCADA, Operations, Secure Development and anything you can imagine).
  • Open Source Software Development Procedures and tools (git, CI, CD, upstreaming, Linux Foundation projects)
  • Critical Infrastructure consulting, development, security hardening, security assessment
  • And more

We do it all. We do it well. We are the true definition of One-Stop-Shop for all your technical challenges.

Don't believe us? Ask our some of our customers, including GM, Bosch, Samsung, ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, Amazon, Lab126, Elbit Systems, Oracle, Rafael, IAI, IMOD, US Air Force, AVG, Avast, Cisco, Motorola, Ubisoft, OSR Enterprises, CyberBit, Decoit, Marvell, Mellanox, Coca-Cola, EMC, HP, Continental, Square, Cellebrite, multiple law enforcement agencies and many others, whom confidentiality is respected.