With The PSCG, those who can do, teach, and on a whole new level.

Below you will find a subset of our impressive public course offering in several fields of expertise:

Since most of our training is fine tuned to our customers' specific requests, quotes and detailed outlines for some of the topics below will be given upon explicit request, via email to

Open-Enrollment policy: Most of our courses are given on the customers site or online, tailored to the exact customer needs. From time to time we teach public courses, where enrollment is open to anyone who meets the course prerequisites. Announcements on upcoming open enrollments can be found on our home page

Cyber-Security Long term training academies: We have been running successful several month training programs on cyber-security skill building for several government and defense sector organizations worldwide. For legit, IMOD approved customer inquiries, contact, providing detailed evidence about your organization.

The PSCG is The Linux Foundation's Authorized Training Partner

Extensive list of our in house content expertise (contact us for your specific needs):

  • Linux kernel (various levels, from introductory + drivers, to advanced debugging techniques and several subsystems drill down)
  • Embedded Linux development (System bring up, Build Systems, Customization, Virtualization, Bootloaders, System daemons, writing services etc. Certified ARM, Altera, NXP, STM training)
  • Linux application development
  • Linux network programming
  • Embedded/Real time programming (C/C++/Customer assembly - either no OS, or one of Linux/Android/Tizen/VxWorks/Integrity/ThreadX/FreeRTOS/Android Things/ARM mbed/Zypher)
  • Android Development (various levels, in forms of Bootcamps)
  • Android Internals (various courses, some concentrating on modules, some on customization, some on both)
  • Android Testing (for Application developers or for Platform Engineers in Test)
  • Android Security (best practices, secure coding, reverse engineering, code protection, exploitation, Enterprise Mobility Management, and more)
  • Cyber Security (various platforms, SOC, Incident Response, Web security, code level security, reverse engineering and exploitation, penetration testing, hardening, hardware level security, FPGA security, best practices).
  • C Programming (various levels)
  • C++ Programming (various levels)
  • Java Programming (various levels)
  • Scala Programming (various levels)
  • Go (Golang) Programming (various levels)
  • Perl Programming (various levels)
  • Python Programming (various levels)
  • Javascript for embedded engineers
  • Node.JS (building scalable web servers with V8, Javascript, native code and open source modules)
  • Full Stack rapid Mobile prototyping (Node.JS and Android/iOS/React Native
  • Git workshops - Basic usage to advanced plumbing.
  • Objective-C and Swift (various courses for embedded Linux developers, or Android developers)
  • Virtualization Workshop (AWS, AppEngine, ComputeEngine, KVM, QEMU, VirtualBox, XEN, VmWare - highly tailored to the requirements of the customer. Either addresses working on the cloud, or efficient patterns in working with virtual machines)
  • Virtualization Internals (Advanced Virtualization internals workshop for developers (KVM ,XEN, libvirt, virtio))
  • Design Patterns (various levels)
  • OpenCL Programming (various levels and architectures)
  • OpenCV Programming
  • OpenGL Programming (For C/C++ over Linux, Android and iOS)

Since most of our training is fine tuned to our customers' specific requests, outlines for some of the topics above will be given upon explicit request.

For Quotes and detailed course outlines please refer to