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5 day Android Internals Training - Tel-Aviv, Israel

5 day Android Internals with Ron Munitz June 14-18, 2015    Tel-Aviv, Israel


  • Proficiency with Java, and either C or C++

  • Basic knowledge of Linux command line 
  • Experience with either Android application development or Embedded Linux development.
  • Experience with Hardware is nice to have
  • Strong development laptop. Linux is preferred, but not a must. If Hardware is a problem, we'll solve it for you, but we would need to know as soon as you register to the course. 


Day 1:  Main theme: A thorough Android Overview

  • Introduction to build systems, introduction to the AOSP.  

    • Optional: introduction to X86 build systems (Android-IA , Android-X86)

  • Android Architecture Overview:  

    • Hardware

    • Android Kernel specifics

    • Android packaging, partition layout, ramdisk, kernel, system.img et. al

    • HAL terminology and usages

    • Native Services and Daemons

    • The Android Runtime: ART (possibly also Dalvik), Java in Android

    • The Android Framework ( Java Services, Native Services)

    • The Android Application Programming Interface Framework (SDK components)

    • Android Compatibility

  • Building the AOSP

Day 2:  Main theme: Native Programming and Binder

  • JNI and NDK

  • How Android Services really works: The Binder

Day 3: Main Theme: Binder, System Services and Android Security

  • How Android Services really works: The Binder and System Services

  • Android Platform Debugging

  • Android Security

  • Multi-User management in Android

  • Android Bringup and Initialization

Day 4:  Main theme: Android initialization, platform and device tree walkthrough

  • Android Bringup and Initialization

  • System Services

  • AOSP walkthrough

Day 5: Main theme: Android Customization - Building a new device

  • Android Customization - ROM building workshop

    • Building a device from scratch for Android emulator / for any VM

    • HAL building templates

    • Building an Android kernel

    • Building an Android kernel.org kernel (Staging area)

Follow-up Themes: It is possible to elaborate on the following subjects and others in the scope of subsequent courses:

  • Advanced HAL building workshop

  • Configuring, building, and modifying the Android Kernel

  • Advanced Native Programming and Debugging

Private Training Notice

This is an Open Enrollment training. While we guarantee every attendee meets the course prerequisites, to assure a high quality class for all attendees, we cannot guarantee to make customer specific customization. Should you require such, please contact training@thepscg.com , and request an on-site (in-house) training for your organization.

Registration information

  • The course is guaranteed to run

  • For quotes, please contact training@thepscg.com , providing the following info:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Phone

    • Organization

    • Number of participants from your organization (discounts for groups of 4 or more!)

    • Your (your colleagues) relevant technical background

  • Or preferably, use the following form: