2014 Public talks by Ron Munitz

Below are a couple of public talks I gave this year, and have been frequently asked about the slides.
On this time of giving, it only makes sense to publish some, so  Let's start with 5 for 2015, and one for the next year.
More talks will be uploaded from time to time.

Droid Con Tel Aviv 2014 - Rom Cooking Workshop


The Android Build System

Embedded Linux Conference/Android Builders Summit 2014 - ROM Cooking 101

Wearable DevCon 2014 - Headless Android

Multi User Android - The Complete Guide

Building Android for the Cloud - AnDevCon Boston 2014 ‎(Pretty much simiiar to what I presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 2014)‎

Embedded Linux Conference 2014 - BYOD Build Your Own Device

The Ultimate Android Security Checklist - Codemotion Tel-Aviv. December, 1, 2014

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