Public Talks by Ron Munitz

It's Ron. 

In the last couple of years I have given over 30 sessions in some of the world's most prestigious developer conferences. Some talks were in English, others in Spanish or Hebrew, some were related to Linux, some to Security, others to Android or to the Hardware/Software magic. The Countries where I have given those talks, the target audience, the spoken languages, the programming languages, and the topics may vary greatly, but one thing is common to all talks: The one and only repeatable question - "Where can I get the slides?".

I hope this page will provide a good answer.
I will do my best to upload all of my future public speaking activities to this website, and have already included some of my past activity, starting with a some of the conference talks I gave in 2014.
So far, all conference sessions from 2015 are available.

You are welcome to use the use the material under Creatives Common-Share-Alike license specified in the presentations themselves (TL;DR - Credit the author first, read and adhere to the license next).
I would be very happy to hear your feedback! Comments, mistakes, typos, kudos - all would be highly appreciated. Keep in mind that the same material is updated frequently, so if you refer to some lecture from 2008 in 2080, I can't guarantee relevance (or remembering what I had in mind, 72 years is a long time...) 

While my style is known to be "hands-on", usually hooked to at least a Linux command line Terminal, some presentations have enough useful and self-contained material in them to be worth an offline read. Do not expect a dump of all little "live trickery" that happen on the command line in class.

From time to time I will publish slides and/or recordings from past events.
Most of the talks are in English, yet it is possible that I will also upload material spoken in Spanish or Hebrew. 

Upcoming Events where I will speak:

  1. 12/16-12/17/2015 Codemotion Tel-Aviv, Israel

    1. TBA (To Be Announced)

  2. 12/1-12/3 AnDevCon Santa Clara, CA

    1. “Android Security Bootcamp” -

    2. “What the Heck are HALs” -

  3. 11/23-11/24/2015 Build Stuff, Kiev, Ukraine

    1. “Android Security talk” (TBA)

  4. 11/18-11/22/2015 Build Stuff, Vilnius, Lithuania

    1. “Android Bootcamp” (TBA)

    2. “Android Security talk” (TBA)

  5. 11/12/2015 MobModCon Tel-Aviv, Israel (TBA)

  6. 11/9-10/2015 DroidCon Paris, France "Burning Marshmallows - Android Security Model updates"

  7. 11/2-11/3/2015 Codemotion Berlin, Germany

    1. “The Ultimate Android Security Checklist”

Past Events Where I have spoken

  1. 9/18/2015 Voxxed Days Vilnius, Lithuania

    1. “Burning Marshmallows/M is for Master Fireside Android Security Model updates” -

    2. “Reverse Engineering Lab - (Un)Build Recipes” -

  2. 9/3/2015 MobSecCon Tel-Aviv, Israel

    1. “Burning Marshmallows/M is for Master Fireside Android Security Model Updates” -

    2. “Enterprise Mobility Panel”

  3. 6/25/2015 Devoxx Krakow, Poland

    1. “Android ROM Cooking Tutorial” -

  4. 4/29-4/30/2015 DroidCon Zagreb, Croatia

    1. “Android ROM Cooking Tutorial” -

  5. 3/26-3/27-2015 CodeMotion Rome, Italy

    1. “The Ultimate Android Security Checklist” -

  6. 3/23-3/25-2015 Android Builders Summit / Embedded Linux Conference San Jose, CA

    1. “Building a General Purpose Android Workstation” -

      1. Slides are in:  

      2. Video Recording:

    2. “Android Based Penetration Testing Framework” -

      1. Slides are in:

  1. 12/01/2014 Codemotion Tel-Aviv, Israel

    1. "The Ultimate Android Security Checklist" -

  2. 6/19/2014 Communicasia, Singapore:

    1. "Innovators Dialogue: Mobile + Big Data + Cloud = The Present" - An expert panel -  pp. 4

  3. 6/12/2014 DroidCon Tel-Aviv, Israel:

    1. "Android ROM Cooking Workshop" -  

  4. 5/27-5/30/2014 AnDevCon Boston, MA   -  (Mentions at   )

    1. “Building Android for the Cloud”

    2. “Multi-User Android: The Complete Guide”

    3. “NDK Primer”

  5. 4/29-5/01/2014, Android Builders Summit/Embedded Linux Conference, San Jose, CA

    1. “X86 ROM Cooking 101: A Hands on Tutorial” -

      1. Video recording:

    2. “BYOD Revisited: "Build" Your Own Device” -

  6. 3/07/2014 Mdevcon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  

    1. "The Ultimate Android Security Checklist" -

  7. 3/4-3/6/2014 Wearables DevCon, Burlingame, CA

    1. “ROM Cooking: A Hands-On, "Do it at Home" Approach” -

    2. “Headless Android” -

    3. “NDK Primer” -

  8. 2/24/2014 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

    1. "Building Android for The Cloud" -;&sidebar=no&bg=no#.VMmdkIp7jU

  9. 2/07/2014 DroidCon Torino, Italy

    1. "Workshop: Android ROM cooking" -   (Note: This is a list of all the schedule. Click my name to see specifics)

  10. 11/12-11/15/2013 AnDevCon Burlingame, CA -   (Their website changes all the time... Will try to get some other evidence)

    1. “Android on Intel Architecture: ROM cooking tutorial”

    2. “Building Android for the Cloud”

  11. 10/30-10/31/2013 DroidCon London, UK

    1. Presenting my company product "Nubo" and Winning the international startup democamp competition -

  12. 2/19/2013 Android Builders Summit San Francisco, CA

    1. "Bringing up Android on your Favorite x86 Workstation or Virtual Machine" -  

      1. Slides are in  )

  13. 12/07/2012 AnDevCon IV, Burlingame, CA

    1. "Bringing up Android on your Favorite x86 Workstation or Virtual Machine" - ( once again, AndevCon websites tend to change, but this is an external scanning of the conference schedule that I found )

  14. 07/25/2012 Google Developer Group meeting Tel-Aviv, Israel

    1. "Introduction to ROM cooking"   

      1. Video Recording (Hebrew)