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Full course outlines added to the website

posted Nov 2, 2015, 4:54 AM by Ron Munitz

Please see a list of my course offering below, according to the following categories. More courses are constructed as per the customer request, and 
available via my partners [The list of topics is generally available in http://www.thepscg.com/courses ]. 

To get a quote - Please send an email to training@thepscg.com or use the Contact Us form.

Open Source (general)
  1. 1-Day Open Source Development Model For Executives and Developers - Migrating to open source development model
  2. 2-Day Git Essentials - Git training. Basics, day to day use, team work strategies, advanced plumbing (git internals)
Android related 
  1. 5-Day Advanced Android Native Programming - System programming, for high performance native (NDK) application builders, and platform builders
  2. 5-Day Android Bootcamp - Android Application Development bootcamp. From zero to hero in 5 days.
  3. 5-Day Android Internals - Android Internals for Android platform builders. Embedded Android, device building, Android OS work and customization
Android Security 
  1. 5-Day Advanced Android Security  - The most extensive Android security course in the market. It is a combination of the two (2 and 3 day respectively) courses below.
  2. 2-Day Advanced Android Secure Application Development - Android security for Application developers
  3. 3-Day Enterprise Grade Android Security for Cyber Operations - Android security for security researchers, application developers, IT managers and more
Linux Related  
    1. 5-Day Linux Application Development  - Linux application development bootcamp
    2. 5-Day Linux Kernel Bootcamp  - Linux Kernel development bootcamp
    3. 3-Day introduction to Linux for Developers - Effective Linux usage, for developers migrating to a Linux environment
    Linux Security (There are also other courses which are not Linux specific)
    1. 5-Day* Applied Cyber Security Training  - Extensive course about applied Cyber Security, covering a wide range of areas on operations, application security, incident response and more. 
    2. 5 Day Linux Security For IT Managers and System Administrators - In depth course about Linux security, attacks, defenses and hardening