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MobModCon 2015 (aka MobModCon #1)

On November 12th, 2015, we held our first MobModCon in Tel-Aviv.
The conference, which was sponsored by The PSCG and hosted by Google Campus, included talks in the fields of Android Building, and mobile OS modding.
The conference started with a packed introduction level workshop to working with the Android Open Source Project and building custom ROMs (for extensive discussion via instructor led courses see 5-Day Android Internals , 5-Day Linux Kernel Bootcamp and 5-Day Advanced Android Native Programming ), presented by Ron Munitz.

After getting back from lunch, Ron Munitz, the conference organizer and host gave some motivation as per why we are here, and then Cellrox's Amir Goldstein explained how the Binder works under the hood.
Amir's talk was followed by Cisco's Moshe Kravchik, detailing his team's security approach to iOS and Android apps, focusing on code injection and repackaging techniques.
Afterwards, Mantis-Vision's Tomer Kimhi gave us a tour into their companies 3d imaging technology featuring a dual camera and customized, yet standard Camera HAL.
The last technical talk was a live demonstration of important key additions to Marshmallow and future release branches as per the latest master branch

The conference was concluded by Ron Munitz's vision as per the next steps in building a solid modder community, focusing on Android Internals, and a call for action for the next conference.
Having said so - CFP is officially open for the next MobModCon. An exact day will be announced once we get enough proposals.

CFP is also officially open for MobSecCon

The conference schedule is listed in the image below, as a nice reminder, and the talks will be attached at the bottom of the page, and also on slideshare, once all speakers submit their presentations.
Ron's presentations can be found at the mean time at 2015 Public talks by Ron Munitz.

Note about the hours: The non-standard hours are selected out of respect to your time. We'd hate to see you waste hours in traffic, and we'd rather have you spend that time with your families, friends, or doing what you love or have to do for work. It means that we prefer ending the conferences late, and making the best use of your times.
If you feel this is the wrong choice, and you would prefer to be stuck in traffic, as long as you get back home early - please let us know. Your feedback is important! 

Another reminders go to our try with Wix, which was the contents of this page up until the day of the conference. Check it out, and see more details there

Ron Munitz,
Apr 21, 2016, 11:42 AM