In addition to our state of the art technical training workshops and consulting services, we strive to contribute to the developer community however and whenever we can.
While a fair share of our contribution cannot be disclosed, everything in a public conference can, and we have participated in a decent amount of conferences, as speakers, exhibitors, steering committee members, 
and starting in 2015 - also as conference organizers. 
Our conference organization efforts are made for the sole purpose of gathering leading community members in prestige development niches, delivering the most recent and high quality contents, and connecting professionals who share our 
passion to building and tearing apart systems, and to core technologies that enable the modern world.  

The first conference we organized was MobSecCon, which was a highly technical conference in the fields of Android Security. It was a great success, and a much larger conference in the same fields will be announced on early 2016.

The second conference, MobModCon is coming up November 12th, 2015. It is a variation of our all time favorite Android Builders Summit, targeted at all mobile device builders. While we expect most of the talks to be about Android Internals and Android ROM customization, we would be thrilled to accept iOS, Tizen, Firefox OS, FireOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone modding talks. 
The purpose of this conference is to connect all consumer and providers of Mobile Operating System internals in the EMEA. It is a growing market with endless opportunities, but unfortunately (although it is perfect for our business as consultants) there is yet to be enough talent to satisfy the demand of product companies. 

The first run of both conferences was meant to be for the local community in Israel. The next runs will be much bigger, and international, and they will be announced on early 2016.

Given our significant experience with conferences all over the world, we have grown fond of some, and we will soon announce an international core JVM conference that will also take place in Tel-Aviv. It will be on a nicer website ;-) 

From time to time we will update this page with information on upcoming conferences where Ron Munitz (and those who step, in time, out of the shadows) will be speaking.

At the mean time, a list of previous conferences where Ron Munitz has spoken, or taught is listed in here. We'll try to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but honestly we lost track, and seriously doubt anyone cares about it anyway.
What people do care about is  "Where will you publish the talks" - and the answer for that is simple. If you prefer another type of simplicity, the answer can also be Slideshare simple.