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1-Day Open Source Development Model For Executives and Developers

Open Source Development Model - For Executives and Developers

Length: 1 Day

Type: Theoretical

Target Audience: Executives, developers new to open source methodologies, SCRUM masters, team leaders.


In this course, we will teach the good, the bad, and the ugly of Open Source development. We will discuss what is Open Source, how to make it your best friend, how to avoid making it your worst enemy, and how to properly apply industry standard Open Source development in your organization culture.


  • Introduction to Free and Open Source Software, difference between open source development methodologies and traditional proprietary software  development, upstream, downstream, sidestream.

  • How to jump start and apply Open-Source processes within your organization, how to keep your IP, managing proprietary code.

  • Open source development best practices

    • Keeping it legal

    • Keeping it reviewed (git, gerrit, repo)

    • Automating the process cycle (Jenkins, CI)

  • Open Source project conventions by example:

    • The Android Open Source Project

    • The Linux Kernel.