College Courses

Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering and Holon Institute of Technology students:
You will find some of the material taught at my courses here.

As always: 
- Whiteboard >> Presentations 
- Live coding >> Presentations
- Shell stuff   >> Presentations 
- Anything I *talk* about, and anything *you* do >> presentations. 

As I said in all classes, I would be more than happy to answer any questions - but only on your corresponding  course forums.  
Unless it is something extremely personal,  any question that may be relevant to more than one person, and will be sent via an email - will be ignored.
Just ask whatever is on your minds. There are no stupid questions (and no, the end of the sentence is not the one from South Park) 

Your lecture notes will also find their way to this site. Someday this site will relocate, but as we say to those who ask where, why or what - "Not Today"!

Since this is relevant to all of my courses, and I was already overwhelmed with missing Linux prerequisites concerns - all of you are expected to be familiar with the material in the first chapter of "The Linux Command Line" - . 
It's fairly easy, and going over it will save you time you will need for the stuff that really matters.

*Note that there will be no slides for the Introduction to Mobile Development course

Good Luck,