About Us

The PSCG is a premium consulting company, assisting well established companies, as well as early stage startups in the process of building Hardware, Firmware and Software.

Led by Ron Munitz, The PSCG is consisted of an unprecedented combination of the best experts of everything from board design, manufacturing process and verification, through security research, reverse engineering, and exploit POC writing, to building the most robust and complex Embedded Linux, Android, or Hard Real-Time systems based on anything from esoteric libraries on even more esoteric architecture sets to VxWorks, Integrity, and more.

We do a lot of stuff. We do it well.
If it’s complex - we do it simple, fast, and robust
If it can’t be done - “Challenge Accepted”.  
If it’s “simple” - consider it done in a combination of unprecedented speed and quality.


We also offer premium training on most of the aforementioned disciplines, with very strong focus on Android Internals, Linux Internals, and Linux and Android system and application programming. 
Our courses are exclusively developed, taught, and customized to the customer requirements by Ron Munitz, complementing his renowned activities of teaching for The Linux Foundation, NewCircle, Afeka Tel-Aviv College of Engineering and Holon Institute of Technology.
For more information about consulting, training, and all other inquiries, please email us at info@thepscg.com

Linux Foundation Courses

Linux Foundation open enrollment courses in Israel in Q1 2017

posted Jan 6, 2017, 10:17 AM by Ron Munitz

The next public Linux Foundation courses that will be taught by Ron Munitz in Israel in 2017 are:
  1. LFD420 - Linux Kernel Development and Internals -  January 22,23, February 1,2.

    This course is a prerequisite for the security course and device drivers course.

  2. LFD440 - Linux Kernel Security and Debugging - Two instances planned (one in Haifa, one in Tel-Aviv):

    1. February 6-9

    2. March 5,6, 12,13 

  3. Modern Embedded Linux for Decision Makers and Developers Israel - March 26
  4. LFD435 - Embedded Linux Device Drivers  - March 27-30
In addition, there is a good chance that Ron Munitz's Android Internals course will be given sometime in Q1 or Q2 as

well. Contact us for more information.

Our courses are given in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and its surrounding,  and Jerusalem. 

Exact location will be given upon registration. 

For quotes and registrations please contact training@thepscg.com

Linux Kernel Internals and Development in Tel-Aviv (12/26-29)

posted Dec 1, 2016, 1:13 PM by Ron Munitz

A 4 day official Linux Foundation's "Kernel Internals and Development course (LFD420), will be given in Tel-Aviv, during the week of Chanukah. 

For a quote and more information, please contact training@thepscg.com

Back to the speaking track

posted Sep 27, 2016, 3:24 AM by Ron Munitz

This year was a very busy year, and most conferences did not line up with my training schedule. Sorry if you expected to see me in some conferences. The good thing, is that there is no place like home, and you can see my yesterday's NDK lecture at DroidCon here
A new MobSecCon is on the work, and will also take place in the holy land. Stay tuned for updates.

Web and Android Application Security in London, UK - 10/24-26/2016

posted Sep 16, 2016, 11:33 AM by Ron Munitz   [ updated Sep 16, 2016, 11:35 AM ]

3 years after winning the DroidCon UK startup democamp, I'm will be re-joining forces with SkillsMatter, delivering my combined Web and Android Application Security course in London.

Registration is open via EventBright - hurry up, space is limited.

For more information and detailed course outline, click here

A new website is on its way.  I'm looking for good and effective builders - feel free to suggest yourselves. 

Full course outlines added to the website

posted Nov 2, 2015, 4:54 AM by Ron Munitz

Please see a list of my course offering below, according to the following categories. More courses are constructed as per the customer request, and 
available via my partners [The list of topics is generally available in http://www.thepscg.com/courses ]. 

To get a quote - Please send an email to training@thepscg.com or use the Contact Us form.

Open Source (general)
  1. 1-Day Open Source Development Model For Executives and Developers - Migrating to open source development model
  2. 2-Day Git Essentials - Git training. Basics, day to day use, team work strategies, advanced plumbing (git internals)
Android related 
  1. 5-Day Advanced Android Native Programming - System programming, for high performance native (NDK) application builders, and platform builders
  2. 5-Day Android Bootcamp - Android Application Development bootcamp. From zero to hero in 5 days.
  3. 5-Day Android Internals - Android Internals for Android platform builders. Embedded Android, device building, Android OS work and customization
Android Security 
  1. 5-Day Advanced Android Security  - The most extensive Android security course in the market. It is a combination of the two (2 and 3 day respectively) courses below.
  2. 2-Day Advanced Android Secure Application Development - Android security for Application developers
  3. 3-Day Enterprise Grade Android Security for Cyber Operations - Android security for security researchers, application developers, IT managers and more
Linux Related  
    1. 5-Day Linux Application Development  - Linux application development bootcamp
    2. 5-Day Linux Kernel Bootcamp  - Linux Kernel development bootcamp
    3. 3-Day introduction to Linux for Developers - Effective Linux usage, for developers migrating to a Linux environment
    Linux Security (There are also other courses which are not Linux specific)
    1. 5-Day* Applied Cyber Security Training  - Extensive course about applied Cyber Security, covering a wide range of areas on operations, application security, incident response and more. 
    2. 5 Day Linux Security For IT Managers and System Administrators - In depth course about Linux security, attacks, defenses and hardening

    Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Training - All material updated!

    posted Oct 23, 2015, 1:27 PM by Ron Munitz   [ updated Oct 23, 2015, 1:29 PM ]

    I am extremely proud and happy to announce that I have finished updating all my training material to the Android Marshmallow version, and can take training Purchase Orders as soon as November 1st. 
    I am offering both On-Site and Virtual training in English, Spanish and Hebrew. The materials are in English and in the respective programming languages (sorry, no translations). 
    The courses include: Android Internals, Android Security (3 courses, 5, 3 and 2 days respectively), Advanced Native Programming and Android Bootcamp.

    For the updated course outlines, see http://www.thepscg.com/courses . The bottom section (Subpages) includes links to detailed outlines. 

    Guidelines for making a corporate training happen on 2015:
    1. Be serious - know what you want, and do more than you talk. If plan on just asking around - don't bother, go somewhere else. Don't waste your service provider's time, and don't let them waste yours.
    2. Know your budget - You get what you pay for. I deliver the best training in the industry ==> Do the math, and don't be cheap.
    3. Send an email to training@thepscg.com explaining who you are, how many people you are, what training you need, when you need it,  and why you think you need it. 

    Training discussions for 2016 will be a bit less strict, but generally the guidelines always hold, for every service in the universe. That's how business work.

    At the moment, there are no public training planned until the end of 2015, except for my workshops at BuildStuff.lt and AnDevCon Santa Clara.
    As always, I might open a public training upon specific requests, as in the upcoming Android Security workshop on November 5th which is already sold out. 

    Happy Marshmallow-ing,

    Open Enrollment Courses in Israel

    posted Apr 24, 2015, 3:04 PM by Ron Munitz

    I have decided to publish the planned next couple of public courses I teach in Israel. 
    While I'm not aiming for mass (or any) marketing, I think those who may need the courses would know to appreciate the simplicity of this website.
    The courses are:

    From this point an on, when I open public courses I will publish information about them in the Upcoming Open Enrollments announcements page.

    A minor clarification about our "landing page"

    posted Mar 26, 2015, 6:51 PM by Ron Munitz

    The chances we will work with companies we don't know personally are about the chances the meteor will indeed hit earth today. 
    So no, at the moment we couldn't care less about the marketing. Only Ron is "out in the clear", given his public involvements with some training companies, and given that he's basically the boss...
    When we have more international experts working with us, we *may* have a nicer page. Or maybe repaint the background to pink. 

    Ron's Android Internals course in Israel, first Week of may, to be announced [there can be place for enrolling  for the Mid April course, if you have significant Hands-On Linux driver development experience]

    Message will self destruct.

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